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Ally Grill
I was given the wrong roll with my order I would like a refund. I got tuna sashimi instead of salmon sashimi and do not eat tuna sashimi.
Chris L Friant
I live in San Deigo, CA. do you have gift cards? I'd like to get one for my daughters Birthday. She lives in State college.
Jesse Cox
Hello Tadashi! We are 814 Shirt, a new apparel brand that’s unique to State College and completely run by students. The need for a different way to identify State College is only getting more apparent with all of the new businesses, restaurants, and builders coming into the area. The community is always growing! Our primary goal is to develop the 814 as a representation of State College that automatically allows an individual to see our apparel and let them recall their fondest memories in this town, we call home. Our current cliental consists of students, alumni, locals, and any individual with ties to State College. In addition to this, we want to be able to partner and highlight other businesses, keep people coming to the town, and give back to organizations in need within the 814. We were wondering if you’d be able to help us out during the beginning stages to get our brand noticed in terms of in person interactions, with the use of business cards. Basically, we’d