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I was to preface this email by saying I love your food and I dine with you regularly. I am not writing to get anything in return. I am simply touching base to let you know whats going on so it can be resolved. I will try and give this a shot again in the future once its been addressed. I was sat at the bar in front of the windows that show your line. I was watching your chefs prepare the meals simply because the window was there. Your chef broke multiple health and food safety issues during the short 45 minutes I was there. The biggest was placing raw chicken on the cutting board, pounding it and then not disinfecting the cutting board. Afterwards in the same space he placed lettuce and other condiments on that contaminated spot. I watched the same cook break egg yokes with bare hands to batter and bread a piece of meat and then didnt wash his hands just merely rinsed them. I do not want anything from you. I just love your restaurant and want to see you succeed. I want to come back
I would like to send a gift card to a friend. Do you have gift cards ?
Tomomi Ohta
Server was extremely rude. There was only 3 other customers there when I entered and she ignored me until I approached her and asked for a seat. She basically threw the menu at me and slid my order across the table without a word or even a glance. The entire time she just sat at the front desk on her phone and the only time she even came back to my seat was to toss (yes, literally toss) my check in front of me while I had barely gotten half way through my food. Especially since you guys increased the menu prices across the board, this level of service is absolutely unacceptable.